Holy Week reflections – God is still here

Life feels surreal right now. 

I work at a homeless shelter, and all our staff and residents are required to wear masks at all times right now. As I was walking through the halls yesterday and seeing all the children wearing their masks, it really hit me. This time that we’re in right now is going to be a defining moment in their lives. 

As adults, this is definitely a hard time for many reasons – many have lost their jobs, we can’t socialize how we normally do, and there’s an overall feeling of unease in society. But we (mostly) understand the why. But for a lot of these children, they’re old enough to know this isn’t normal and to intuitively pick up on the emotions of their parents and other adults around them, but too young to understand the why. It just broke my heart a little to think about what this time will mean to them and how it will continue to affect them even when things go back to “normal”.

I’ve been pretty calm and easy-going through this whole thing (if you know me, that’s probably not a surprise), but I definitely feel the significance of what’s happening and am missing a lot.

I miss seeing my friends in person.

I miss eating dinner together with my community group every week.

I miss worshipping together on Sunday mornings.

I miss being able to breathe freely without a mask.

I miss seeing people’s smiles and people being able to see mine as we pass in the hall.

I miss happy hour and being able to eat at restaurants.

I miss looking forward to the trip with my best friend that was cancelled.

I miss hugging people.

I miss seeing people wandering without care through grocery stores instead of warily eyeing people to make sure they’re maintaining social distance.

I miss all these things, which I think is okay. It’s okay to grieve the things that are different and the things that have been cancelled.

But I’m not allowing myself to dwell in that space for too long. Especially as I reflect this week on the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Let’s not forget, after all, that it is still Holy Week. 

Just because our world is in a weird place right now and we won’t be able to gather physically to celebrate Easter this weekend doesn’t mean we can’t still reflect on the power of the Cross this week.

Yes, our suffering right now is real, but it is nothing compared to what Jesus went through on the cross.

I’m not saying this to make anyone feel guilty for feeling bad right now, but to hopefully direct our hearts to Jesus – to the hope we have in him. Because of his death and resurrection, we do have hope. Even when our world is in the middle of a pandemic. Even when we’re isolated from our communities. Even when we lose our jobs. Even when.

Our hope is still, and always will be, in Christ. I hope we can rest in that truth as we continue adjusting to this life. May our discomfort with the world push us toward Christ and find comfort in Him.

God is here. 

With love,

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