Summer Replay

Hey, y’all. If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have noticed things look a little different around here.

First of all, Sarah and I really did get work done during our retreat and she most definitely did not sarcastically say “work retreat” with air quotes after I ordered a $16 drink called the Lucid Absinthe Experience. That most definitely did not happen.

Our conclusion was this presentation deserved more flames.

As we reflected and talked about what we wanted to do moving forward, we spent a good chunk of time revamping this site. For one, you might notice our new URL is “”. Yeah, you read that right. We’re now paying for our domain through Word Press.

If you were depending on our two recurring ads to help you discover the secret gut bacteria your doctor doesn’t want you to know about or to help with your gambling addiction, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Because these two independent women decided to split a $36 annual fee, you get a fancy, scrolly-scroll blog post menu with… you guessed it…

Royalty free photo icons. Get on our level.

Other than that, we did some serious writing and talked about our love lives (hence the previous blog post). We’ve got some intense stuff in the works, with a healthy dose of sarcasm and laughter as always. One of the newer features that I am absolutely hyped to have is the ability to add media much more easily than before.

With June now upon us, I have made my Summer of 2019 playlist, complete with current jams, new vibes, and many a classic throwback. If there is anything you should know about my music taste, it is that I always enjoy a good throwback. So here is my playlist to share with y’all, and I hope you listen to it with the windows down, driving up the mountain to summer camp. That’s always my favorite way to do it.

With love,


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