Bring Your Mess to God’s Table

I’m sharing some more music with y’all today, but this time it’s just one song. One of my friends shared it last week, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

We often feel like we need to have ourselves (at least somewhat) put together before we can come to God, but that’s the complete opposite of the truth. This song starts out with the lines, “I found you in the middle of my mess/You had been there all along.”

God wants our whole selves – mess and all. He is ready to “set a table in the middle of my war,” no matter what that war is about. God can use our mess to bring us closer to him and, ultimately, to bring glory to him. The miracles Jesus performed were about taking a messy situation and turning them around so the works of God could be displayed.

Shame over some stuff is something I’ve been working through for a long time, and this song speaks right to my soul. Fear can go to hell, and shame can go there too. God takes our fears, our sin, and our shame, and he scatters them as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:11-12). Part of this whole trusting in him that I talked about a couple weeks ago is trusting him in this process of removing sin and shame and replacing it with the joy that comes with believing in him.

He doesn’t care what kind of “baggage” we have, he wants it all because it means we’ve turned to him. If you’re struggling with letting fear or shame rule you, give it to God. He’s there waiting with open arms and open heart, ready to crush the lies of the enemy and fill us with his truth.

Give this song a listen, and then put it on repeat until that message sinks in.

With love,

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