Cinnamon Mug Cake and Chill

Two weeks ago, I was excited and inspired by the feeling of uprooting. I still am.

I will be replanted by mid-January. The problem is that we don’t know where yet. If anyone else is thinking of signing a lease through the end of December, let me offer you some pro-tips:

  1. Don’t.
  2. Why would you do this to yourself?
  3. Do not.

Please, learn from my experience. New house or no, there are quite a few things making this a stressful time. Beyond moving, there are the hell– I mean holidays. If the holidays tend to bite you in the ass, I’m here to tell you how to bite back.

So below is my most recent recipe experiment and what I have eaten the last five days straight. I call it “Cinnamon Mug Cake”. It’s likely going to be my bonus recipe on the mini-cookbook I want to release by Christmas, and this is a sample of what those recipes will look like. I hope you enjoy, eat your feelings along with the holidays, and have a laugh.

Oh, and this bad boy is gluten-free and vegan. *insert nail painting emoji here*


Cinnamon Mug Cake

Serving size: 1. If you’re the type of person who shares a cake made in a coffee mug, you’re either incredibly generous or the worst. It’s a single serving. If you want a cake to share, multiply it by like 8 or something and put it in a cake pan like a person who actually has time for that nonsense.

Ingredients… approximately:

1 1/2 tbsp. Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 GF flour*

2 tbsp. almond flour

3 tbsp. sugar

1/2 tbsp. cinnamon

Dash of nutmeg

Pinch of salt

Pinch of baking powder

2 tbsp. vegan butter, melted (Earth Balance Soy-Free is my fave)

1 tbsp. almond milk

Dash of vanilla

Pecans for topping (optional… but I guess technically all of it is optional. Not that pecans can fix things if you forget the sugar but at least you tried)

*Buy the Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1. Seriously. Go ahead and try adapting any non-gf recipe with a homemade flour. You will probably be disappointed by the promises of at least 5 different Pinterest sirens that promise you that they have the PERFECT all-purpose flour. Don’t believe their lies. Or if you do, the good news is your homemade flour will soak up your tears.


  1. Dump all of the dry ingredients (except the pecans) into a clean mug that you assume is microwave safe, but I mean do you even ever really check? Do they even make stuff not safe for the microwave anymore?
  2. Stir with a fork until evenly mixed. Scrape around the sides, too.
  3. Add the wet things and stir more. We’re looking for a thick but liquid consistency. Not pudding, not soup, but some sort of porridge-like middle ground.
  4. If you’re having a particularly bad day, throw your fork in the dishwasher, grab a spoon, and go to town. Otherwise, proceed to step 5.
  5. Put a small handful of pecans on top the batter.
  6. Nuke in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.
  7. If you want some icing to go on top, make some. You’re just gonna have to look somewhere else for how to make that because I always screw it up. But a mixture of melted butter, powdered sugar, and a touch of almond milk makes a decent one.
  8. Pull your mug cake out of the microwave and admire how your best friend (or just your kitchen appliance if you aren’t overly attached) is going to smell like cinnamon cake for the next two days.
  9. Grasp the mug for warmth and scrape happiness out of it with your fork while cuddling your significant other. Or your dog.



I’m sorry, were you expecting a picture? It looks like a brown cake in a mug. This isn’t the Food Network.


With humility and extra sauce,



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