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Hello all! My name is Sarah, and I want to welcome you to Problems 31 Women! We are just two women striving after God’s heart, but not without problems and some definite sarcasm thrown in.

Let me give a little background on myself. I’m a twenty-something with a degree in journalism and psychology. My initial plan through most of college was to become a full-time journalist with the hopes of eventually becoming an editor either for a magazine or in the book publishing world.

About halfway through my junior year of college, working as editor-in-chief of my school’s newspaper, and with just 25 credits left to graduate, God nudged my heart in a different direction. I had always had an interest in psychology but was running into scheduling conflicts with making that my college minor. So, on a whim that could only come from God, I decided to look into changing areas of study and managed to tack psychology onto my major and graduate on the same timeline.

Now here I am today working in full-time ministry with people recovering from homelessness, shame, and addiction. I feel completely inadequate for this job every day, but I have no doubt it’s where God called me to serve.

I’m not going to lie – I’m hesitant to start this blog, but not because I don’t want to. I’ve wanted to blog consistently for a few years now, and I even had one for a while that I was terrible at keeping up with. But when my friend K.G. asked if I wanted to venture in this direction with her, I knew I needed to. In an attempt to be vulnerable right off the bat here, I have a really hard time starting a project and keeping with it because I always go into it believing the lie that I’m going to fail and disappoint someone, so why even bother?

And the truth is that I do fail at things all the time. But the bigger truth is that God can (and does) overcome those failures or mistakes. I may be inadequate in everything I do, but none of that really matters because Colossians 1:12 says God has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints. We have a right to share in all that God has if we receive him and abide in him. That’s all that should matter.

On that note, we (I think I can speak for both of us) hope to be vulnerable and share with you all what God is teaching us through our successes, our failures, and what we see and experience. He is the source of our wisdom and our strength, and we are constantly learning to be more obedient to that.

Now, as our name and tagline imply, this blog isn’t going to be full of only serious and deep stuff. There may be weeks where we do get real about the hard stuff, but there may also be times where we comment on something funny or just share a recipe with you all. There’s really no rhyme or reason to the madness that will be our blogging. All the pros say it’s a terrible idea for a blog to not have a narrow focus, but do we really care? Nope.

More about me: I love my home state of Oregon, the rainy and dreary coastline, anything that gives me a good rush of adrenaline, reading, characters in books/movies/TV shows who seem like jerks but really are just misunderstood, music, laughter, and cooking. And that’s enough about me because this is beginning to sound way too much like a dating profile.

I’m so excited to begin this project with K.G.! I hope you can relate to at least some of our musings, and we hope you’ll stick around and engage with us as we share!



Hey. In the words of musician Andrew Belle, “This is my heart. Dive deep.”

At this point, if you are reading this first post as this blog is born, you know me by a different name. For my own personal reasons, I’m writing under the pen name K.G. Goer. The Problems 31 blog is a passion project that has been weighing on my heart, and I am honored to share this platform with Sarah as we share ourselves through our writing.

To share a few of my roots, I was born, raised, and here I am. Okay neat, glad that’s clear. As far as what you should know about me, I’m a Seminary student taking a year off from education to follow some callings from the Lord (hence, Problems 31). My year off allows me to enjoy craft beer, and I often do so while sharing experimental cooking adventures on my Snapchat. You can catch me with my headphones in or blasting music nearly anywhere, from Kendrick Lamar to Ben Howard to Britney Spears. I’ve struggled with depression since I was thirteen and finally sought out help shortly before I turned twenty-one. The evergreens are where I find my sanity, and the ocean is where I find my soul.

If you didn’t catch the Bible pun in the name of our blog, know that we are both Christian women, but this isn’t a blog about Christianity. This space is for our expression. We specifically decided not to place strict parameters on this blog; instead, it’s a disciplined act of love and an outpouring of our hearts. If you know either of us well, you know Jesus is going to be a common name here. That being said, we aren’t here to prove our faith by quoting the Bible after every sentence. The only thing we can promise you week to week is that this blog will be true to us. We are the motif, and we find our identities in Christ Jesus.

As you take in what I share, please know it is a huge step in vulnerability for me. I’m notorious for only giving people parts of myself, only the parts I think they will relate to or like. Not disingenuous, but not wholly truthful either. I hope over time I will leave fragments and facets of myself that will allow you to enter into my daily walk. So please—walk with me. Let me know what you think and feel. Challenge me, ask me questions. I love to talk. This passion project isn’t meant to be a solo one.

I’ve said a few times that I have a bad habit of giving people my heart and watching them walk away with it. So now I’m leaving it right here, for each of you, free for the taking. Dive deep.

With humility,


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